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Perth Ontario

Specs: Antique Barn Frame, Antique White Pine

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Big Gull Lake Cottage

Specs: White Pine Timber Frame

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Eastern Ontario Cottage

Specs: Douglas Fir Timber Frame

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Bob’s Lake

Antique Barn Frame, Antique Pine

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Manotick Ontario

Contemporary Design

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Devil Lake

Antique Timber, Custom Design

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Sharbot Lake Cottage Road

18x24 Timber Frame, Antique Hewn Timber

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Alton Road

Heritage Timber Frame Home, White Oak Timber Frame Addition, New White Pine Timber Frame Garage

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Boathouse: Lighthouse Roof

Douglas Fir, Lighthouse Roof,

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Rideau System

White Pine w/ White Wash Finish, King Post Truss Roof

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Waupoos Barn

Reclaimed Pine, Re-erected Antique Frame

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King Post Trusses & Purlin Roof System

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Classic Timber Frame Garden Sheds

8x12 Garden / Office Buildings

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Timber Framed Porches

Timber frame porches are an excellent way to bring timber framing to the exterior elevations of you project. Timber frame porches are added to conventional and timber frame homes.

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The 5 Steps to Building a Timber Frame with Gibson Timber Frames

1) Quote

• Customer brings drawings, sketches, photos , location, wood species.
• Gibson Timber Frames will prepare a sketch and a price using this information - see recent estimates.
• Customer will make revisions and Gibson will re-quote to get budget and design to come together.

2) Contract

Gibson Timber Frames will send a draft contract for the customer's review.
This will include:
• A description of the scope of work covered by Gibson Timber Frames.
• A description of the timber frame drawing approval process.
• Payment Plan.
• Shop Completion date.
Contract is signed and a deposit is made.

3) Timber Frame Drawings

• Gibson Timber Frames supplies the timber frame drawings for approval to the customer or general contractor.
• The customer or general contractor approves the drawings as ready to build.
• Gibson Timber Frames will submit the drawings to an engineer for approval.
• Gibson Timber Frames will complete the shop drawings after receiving the ready to build and stamped engineered drawings.
• The wood is ordered.
• Any changes to the drawings made by the customer or general contractor after the ready to build approval will be invoice hourly at $50/hr.

4) Shop Work

• Once the timbers arrive the carpenters cut the joinery using the shop drawings.
• The timbers are cut and sanded.
• A clear coat is installed at the shop.
• If there is a stain coat - this is applied to the timbers at the site.

5) Installation

• Site is prepared to receive the timber - access for the trucks and crane is required.
• Either the general contractor, one staff from Gibson Timber frames with the general contractor, or a 100% GTF crew installs the timber work.
• The crane is hired and the timber frame is raised.

We would be happy to discuss any questions you may have about building a new timber frame home. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Barriefield House

Pole Rafters & Trusses, Hewn Timbers

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East Bay

Historic Timber Frame Style, Insulated Concrete Walls

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Round Lake Road

King Post Truss Timber Frame, Timber Rafters

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Fourteen Island Lake

24x36 Timber Frame, Half Loft, Timber Rafters

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Wolfe Island

19x23 Timber Frame, King Post Trusses

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Loughborough Lake

20x30 Timber Frame, Timber Rafters

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Wapoos, Prince Edward County

16x26 Timber Frame, Dormers, Small Loft

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Bear Creek

26x42 Custom Timber Frame House, Intersecting Roofs, Dormers

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Crowe Lake

White Pine, Heavy Purlins & Common Rafters

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Pre-designed & Priced Timber Frames

Choose From a Selection of Sizes

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