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From large and small buildings to gazebos, porches, and trusses — there’s no project too big or small. At Gibson Timber Frames, we pride ourselves in the many various projects we have worked on for clients. If you have a project in mind, we would love to hear from you about it. You can send us a message by emailing us here.

Recent Estimates

The below content puts you inside our Timber Frame Estimate files and gives you access to our recently estimated timber projects. We constantly estimate individual projects, and we wanted to share this with everyone to make more use of our estimating time, and to provide you, the consumer, with a chance to look at different plans and pricing.


Timber Frame Buildings

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Whether you are looking for a bunkie, a cottage, or a home, there is nothing more timeless or traditional then a timber frame. Over the years we have done countless styles of larger scale frames all using traditional techniques and joinery.


Gazebos and Small Buildings

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A timber frame gazebo is the perfect way to bring character to your property. With many different style options you will love the feeling of looking up and seeing the beautiful hand cut timbers.



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If you want that initial “WOW” factor walking up to your house then a timber frame front entry is all you need. A great way to add curb appeal and character to the front of your home or business.


Gable Trusses

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 Gable end trusses will give your home, business, or cottage a look that is unmatched. It is a very cost effective way to bring character to your exterior.

Decorative Trusses

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Decorative trusses will give the interior of any building a truly unique touch. Bringing lots of character and warm, they often become the focal and discussion point of any room.

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