Pre-designed Frames

These timber frames designs are taken from our classic historical timber frames. They are practical strong timber frames that are efficient to build. Choose one of the styles offered below for your home, cottage, addition or studio. Or, use one of these styles to start your design process. As you will see on our portfolio page we build all kinds of custom timber frames, and these packages may offer just what you need or provide a beginning for your design process.


This timber frame style is a classic timber frame style of Eastern Ontario. Used for houses, carriage houses and small barns, these frames make a great small home, cottage or addition. This is also a style that can be incorporated in a hybrid design. 
Available in sizes:

  • 8x12 Garden Shed

  • 16 x 20

  • 18 x 24

  • 20 x 30

  • 24 x 40


Adding a ridge beam to help support roof rafters, we are able to take the Holliford design and increase the width of the building.
Available in sizes:

  • 28 x 32· Beach House Floor Plan for 28 x 32

  • 30 x 44


This classic Ontario Cottage timber frame makes a great home or cottage. With a gable dormer over the front door, this traditional style has a beautiful time tested shape.
Available in the size:

  • 30 x 40


A timber frame Bunkie designed in partnership with Perth Ontario Home Hardware and the Beaver Homes and Cottages. 
Available in the size:

  • 19 x 20


Our pricing sheet (below) includes the frame, raising, roof insulation panels and wall insulation panels.