Bob’s Lake

Bob's lake, just north of Westport Ontario, is an excellent location for this re-claimed timber frame. The clients purchased this barn frame from the Ottawa valley and when it came time to erect the frame, they gave Gibson Timber Frames a call.

The living room of the house has a cathedral ceiling that is open to the peak. This room showcases the barn frame and the hand work of the original timber framers. The white tongue and groove ceiling allows the timber work to stand out, and the natural stone fireplace is an ideal compliment to any timber work. The kitchen is tucked under the 2nd floor loft and has a timber ceiling that was added to the original frame. An antique log building was also re-erected by Gibson Timber Frames and attached to the timber frame for an entrance room and den.

Building Specs:

Builder: Sentwood Mercer - Perth Ontario
Wood Species: Antique Pine