Related Reading

  • Recording Timber-Framed Buildings: An illustrated Glossary
    NW Alcock, MW Barley, PW Dixon and RA Meeson 
    An excellent Glossary of terms and three dimensions drawings of some English frames and styles

  • Historic American Joinery
    A Graphic Guide
    Jack Sobon
    This book illustrates the joints on American traditional timber-framed buildings of the past, showing common examples with variations as well as a few interesting regional deviations. This is an excellent reference for designing and building a timber frame.

  • English Historic Carpentry
    Cecil A. Hewit
    A summary of the development of heavy timber construction in England from 449 to 1890. This book contains thorough timber drawings of some of the historically significant heavy timber buildings of England. There is a Glossary of terms and detail drawings of some of the joinery.

  • Timber Frame Joinery and Design Workbook
    The Timber Framers Guild of North America
    This is a series of articles and discussions covering some engineering areas including truss design and peg strength and touching on complex joinery including hip and valley framing. This is a valuable recourse for architects, engineers, and builders.

  • Timber Frame Houses
    Fine Homebuilding Timber Frame Houses
    This book is made from articles published in Fine Homebuilding. It is a well put together book with good photos and clear descriptions of different approaches and techniques in Timber Frame construction.

  • Timber Frame Plan Book
    Michael Morris and Dick Pirozzolo
    This book does not feature traditional timber framing, but it does offer some examples and ideas for house plans.

  • Build a Classic Timber Frame House
    Jack Sobon
    A terrific guide for learning the traditional craft.

  • The Timber Frame Home
    Tedd Benson
    A well illustrated book that walks the reader through all the elements to consider when building a timber frame home.


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