Timber Frame Garden Office

By Dawson P. Willsey

A new offering from Gibson Timber Frames this year is a classic-style, handcrafted timber framed garden office. Incorporating work from local craftsmen who work in keeping with local traditions and techniques, these small and attractive garden sheds could have many uses and will suit any setting.

The timber framed garden offices are crafted by the GTF crew using local white pine for most of the structure, only the sills are made of local white oak. The frame will feature the traditional timber frame joinery that GTF is known for, including mortise and tenon, secured with oak pegs. While it is a small and simple frame, it incorporates most of the joinery found in a full sized house.

Wooden ‘cove’ siding covers the exterior and is stained with heritage colour series stain. The roof is shingled with asphalt shingles, and trim details follow traditional techniques (corner boards, water table, window and door trim).

Local restoration carpenter David White crafts the windows and door in the traditional style. The windows feature mortise and tenon sash with divided lights. The buyer has the option of how many windows and whether they are operational or not. The door is a beaded batten style, familiar on old farmhouses in the area.

Local blacksmith provides the hand forged door handle/thumb latch. Other features are available such as plant hangers, boot scrapers, window latches, strap hinges… the possibilities are endless!

The sheds are completely built at the shop, loaded on a trailer and dropped off at your site on a simple foundation. With a footprint of just 8’x12’ these sheds will fit almost any yard. There will be one on display at Silverbrook market in Sydenham for viewing after May 1st.

For the do-it-yourselfer, the shed is also offered as a ‘frame-only’ package. With all the joinery precut, test-fit, stacked, and ready for pickup, it would be a great project for anyone interested in timber frame construction.

To complement an existing timber frame or to fuel timber dreams, this timber framed garden office would be a classy addition to any yard, whether on a rural homestead or in the heart of the city. This frame would make a great backyard garden timber frame office or studio.

The finished sheds start at $9850 and the do-it yourself kits start at $4650.

For further information about these garden offices or timber frame construction contact Gibson Timber Frames at 613-372-5406 www.gibsontimberframes.com

Timothy Andrews