Stone House Renovation

Timber Restoration

This beautiful Georgian stone home located on a quiet street in Kingston has just undergone a major rehabilitation. Headed by Brian Miller of Stone and Pine Design and project management, this immense renovation was a terrific success.

Removing the layers of renovations from the past 100 years and exposing the original stonewalls, fireplaces, and timberwork started the project. Rob Webb from Kingston undertook the masonry. Rob repaired, and repointed the walls, and brought one of the fireplaces into working order by meeting current codes.

Gibson Timber Frames added antique hewn beams to help support the original hewn joists. The timbers were large 10 x 12 hewn timbers not only adding support, but also adding visually appeal to the timber ceiling. Gibson Timber Frames also worked with Blacksmith Jeff Haffner of Napanee to change the common rafters into structural trusses. By adding an extra collar tie, a kingpost and struts, we allowed these rafters to clear span the building and create a very attractive ceiling. The additional rafter material was salvaged from a local barn, and they matched the existing rafters well. The blacksmith work allowed for the required strength in connections between the round rafters and also looked great with the antique timber.

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This was a challenging project that required constant care and attention to detail. One of the factors that made this so successful was the talented group of local trades people. There was a great deal of local talent including window replication by DJ White of Hartington, the stairs were built with reclaimed material by McGrath Millworks, and the challenging wiring was done by LaForest Electricians.

For more information about their work visit or call 613-372-5406. Check out our hands on timber frame course in May '08

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Timothy Andrews