Amherst Island Timber Frame Restoration

By Mark McGrath
Located on the south shores of Amherst Island, overlooking the great Lake Ontario this barn stood for almost a century and a half. This barn has served three generations and was built by the great grandfather of the current owners. In most cases a structure like this would be left to ruins, but in this case, Gibson Timber Frames had the pleasure of restoring this family heirloom.

In the early 1900’s more than half the population farmed. Due to the industrialization of agriculture, today less than five percent of North Americans are involved in farming. As a result family farms are disappearing. That is why we get so excited to be involved in the restoration of, what many look at as a simple utilitarian building, the common barn.

When we came to this barn it almost seemed past the point of return. This particular restoration involved carefully documenting and tagging each piece of the original building. After each member was numbered and many photographs were taken the frame was completely disassembled. The owners stressed the importance of keeping as much of the original material as realistically possible. In the weeks that followed damaged members were repaired with existing material. The pieces that were past repair were replaced with like material and joinery ensuring that repairs would bring the building as close to the original form as possible.

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