Ontario Cottage


Ontario Cottage Timber Frame

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Located on the Rideau system near Kingston Ontario, this timber frame built by Gibson Timber Frames and contracted by Ian Moffit of True Haven Construction is a work of art.

Drawing from historical architecture of Eastern Ontario, the exterior of this timber frame home follows the design of a traditional Ontario Cottage. This style was especially popular in Ontario from 1830 to 1860. Ian Moffit has the skill to pull from this tasteful and time tested traditional style, and still maintain a contemporary feel.

Ontario cottages were often timber framed in the 19th century, but the timber work was covered by the plaster. Inside this timber frame home is magnificent. The timber work is completely exposed and finished with a white wash stain keeping the interior light and bright. The open concept allows you to enjoy the timber work from every area in the house. Combine this with the fabulous water views and you have an amazing waterfront home.

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Gibson Timber Frames worked from True Haven's plans and timber design, and finalized the timber frame joinery. The large king post trusses spanned the width of the home and an 8 x 10 ran centrally the length of the building. The intersection of these two timber elements made an attractive central focal point highlighting the skills of the timber framers. The complex joinery of the gable dormer over the front entrance is another highlight of the timber frame work.

Gibson Timber Frames enjoyed the opportunity to work with such a talented company and crew, and looks forward to their next project with True Haven and Ian Moffit in the future.

Gibson Timber Frames builds custom timber frames in their shop in Harrowsmith, Ontario. They ship over Eastern Ontario and beyond. For more information about their work visit www.gibsontimberframes.com or call 613-372-5406. Also watch for their one week hands-on course this May.


Timothy Andrews